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    Epilepsy is the name of a brain  disorder characterized predominantly by recurrent and unpredictable  interruptions of normal brain function, called epileptic seizures. According to  the characteristics of seizures and clinical manifestations, it can be divided  into focal epilepsy and generalized epilepsy. The etiology of epilepsy is  complex and the pathological mechanism is unclear. Over the past two decades ,  the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology and electroencephalogram (EEG) have  been widely used to investigate epilepsy. An increasing number of evidence has  been presented to reveal the potential illness mechanism.

     Using multimodel imaging techniques, our  research group has done a lot of work to study epilepsy and obtained many  excellent achievements. Our work focused on the localization of epileptic foci,  the regulation effects of basal ganglia on epileptic activity and the  alterations of resting-state brain networks in patients with epilepsy. Accumulated  results help us to have a more comprehensive understanding about epilepsy.