Neuroimaging-Based Classification of Subtypes (NBCS)

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    The latest version is version 1.3. You can add packages folder to MATLAB configuration for use .

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In the processing of neuroimaging data, a large number of data with different characteristics are often processed and the data is divided according to different requirements. In response to this problem, we have developed an integrated software package to facilitate a more systematic and complete solution to this problem.The Neuroimaging-Based Classification of Subtypes(NBCS) is a toolbox for multimodal magnetic resonance image data analysis based on Matlab.

The toolkit is based on the constructed similarity matrix for subject classification (clustering), in which multiple similarity matrix construction methods can be selected. The classification (clustering) algorithm uses traditional K-means clustering and density clustering algorithms. The software is intended for clinicians and neuroscientists. It effectively clusters and divides different subtypes of normal people, especially those with neurological and psychiatric disorders, and is expected to guide clinical treatment.