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1.  We thank the REST, NIT, SPM, BCT, ADJUST, PREP, Clean_rawdata, Automagic, sLORETA, Fieldtrip, Microstates1.2 and EEGLAB toolboxes.

2.  We thank MATLAB and Docker.

3.  Original author of this user guide is Li Dong.

Version release:


Demo data:


The EEG data during resting-state (two healthy adults, eye closed and opened) are provided as an example data to show the WeBrain EEGPipe functions.


WeBrain EEGPipe (exe version) was developed in MATLAB 2018b for 64 bit Win 10 system. It was compiled using MATLAB runtime R2018a (9.4) for 64 bit Windows 10.

Before using the EEGPipe toolkit, it is necessary to ensure that the MATLAB runtime R2018a (9.4) is installed correctly. For details of the installation of MATLAB software, please refer to:


Steps installation of EEGPipe is described in detail below:

1)  Unzip the EEPipe package and place it in the toolbox directory you wanted.

2)  Install MATLAB runtime R2018a (9.4) on your computer (Figs. 1-2). If the runtime is installed, you can skip this step. The runtime is free on MATLAB website.

3)  Double click the “WeBrain_EEGPipe.exe”, indicating that the EEGPipe is successfully installed. The first time to run “EEGPipe.exe” may need few mins.



The MATLAB Runtime website. Runtime is used to run compiled MATLAB applications or components without installing MATLAB.



The MATLAB Runtime 2018a.

WeBrain (https://webrain.uestc.edu.cn/) is a web-based computing platform that enables large-scale EEG and EEG-fMRI multimodal data storing, exploring and analyzing using cloud High-Performance Computing (HPC) facilities across UESTC and China. WeBrain connects researchers of different fields to EEG and multimodal tools and processing power required to handle the large datasets that have become the norm in the field. It also aims to construct an International Virtual Community of Brainformatics (IVCB) to set the scene for more ambitious multi-national initiatives and cooperation in brain research. It does at the same time reduce the technical expertise required to use these resources. It provides an easy-to-use for novice users (even no computer programming skills) and flexibility for experienced researchers. It is not necessary to install any software or system for users, all need is a modern web browser of any kind. A range of resources including neuroimaging analysis tools are available, as well as documents related to WeBrain.

WeBrain EEGPipe is a companion piece of WeBrain (offline version of WeBrain pipeline tools) developed by MATLAB. For novice users, it provides easy-to-use pipeline GUI for batch preprocessing large-scale EEG datasets on local personal computers (ALL in One), which reduces the technical expertise required to batch processing. Below are EEGPipe main page and tools integrated in the WeBrain EEGPipe as yet.



Using WeBrain or WeBrain EEGPipe, please cite:

Dong, L., et al. (2021). "WeBrain: A web-based brainformatics platform of computational ecosystem for EEG big data analysis." Neuroimage 245: 118713.