• Scale-free Brain Music


    Music is a form of art, which is from the brain and simultaneously affects the brain. To great research interest, the relationships between music and human have been concerned in both science fields and art fields. The electroencephalogram(EEG) can monit 详细 >>
  • Neuroscience Information Toolbox (NIT)

    2015-06-04 [Latest version: V1.2_20171018]

      Neuroscience Information Toolbox is a convenient toolkit for EEG-fMRI multimodal fusion, fMRI data preprocessing and analyzing. Using the NIT to analyze your data, you can do: ♦ Batch processing of the fMRI data analysis; ♦ Data preprocessing based on S 详细 >>
  • REST (Reference Electrode Standardization Technique)


    REST (Reference Electrode Standardization Technique) is a software for translating multichannel continuous and event-related EEG recordings with reference at any a physical point on body surface or the post-processed data referenced at average or linked e 详细 >>