Visual Computation @ UESTC


Brain-inspired Computer Vision, Computational Neurosicence

Color Constancy, Enhancement, Segmentation, Contour, Saliency

Our research is aimed at developing computational models for understanding of the visual mechanisms and the application in computer vision. The research interests include:

Image Restoration and Enhancement: To develop a computational models based on the mechanisms of retina, LGN and V1 neurons and the applications in image denoising, dehazing, enhancement, color constancy, etc.

Image Segmentation: Computational models of image segmentation, contour detection, salient object detection, etc., inspired by corresponding mechanisms in primary visual cortex

Computational Neurosicence: Computational neural mechanism of visual system, perceptual decision making and working memory. Focus on multiple-choice decision making, the neural circuit for value-based decision making, and the information encoding in primary visual cortex.




"A Unified Framework for Salient Structure Detection by Contour-Guided Visual Search". TIP, 2016

Kai-Fu Yang, Hui Li, Chao-Yi Li, Yong-Jie Li*

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"A Retinal Mechanism Inspired Color Constancy Model". TIP, 2016

Xian-Shi Zhang, Shao-Bing Gao, Ruo-Xuan Li, Xin-Yu Du, Chao-Yi Li, and Yong-Jie Li*

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"A Retina Inspired Model for Enhancing Visibility of Hazy Images". Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 2015

Xian-Shi Zhang, Shao-Bing Gao, Chao-Yi Li, and Yong-Jie Li*

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"Efficient Illuminant Estimation for Color Constancy Using Grey Pixels".CVPR, 2015

Kai-Fu Yang, Shao-Bing Gao, Yong-Jie Li*

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"Color Constancy Using Double-Opponency", PAMI, 2015. (accepted).

"A Color Constancy Model with Double-Opponency Mechanisms", ICCV, 2013. (Oral, acceptance rate: 2.52%)

Shao-Bing Gao, Kai-Fu Yang, Chao-Yi Li, Yong-Jie Li*

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" Boundary Detection Using Double-Opponency and Spatial Sparseness Constraint", TIP, 2015

"Efficient Color Boundary Detection with Color-opponent Mechanisms", CVPR,2013.

Kai-Fu Yang, Shao-Bing Gao, Ce-Feng Guo, Chao-Yi Li, Yong-Jie Li*

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  "Multifeature-based Surround Inhibition Improves Contour Detection in Natural Images", TIP, 2014.

Kai-Fu Yang, Chao-Yi Li, and Yong-Jie Li*

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"Efficient Color Constancy with Local Surface Reflectance Statistics", ECCV, 2014.

Shaobing Gao, Wangwang Han, Kaifu Yang, Chaoyi Li, Yongjie Li*

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"Center-surround interaction with adaptive Inhibition: a computational model for contour detection", NeuroImage, 55(1), 49–66, 2011.

Chi Zeng, Yongjie Li*, Chaoyi Li

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